We provide automated digital business TV services using the latest 3D CG technology.

The service is compatible with all displays, plus VR/AR, glasses-free 3D and holographic displays.

Brand Identity

Your own TV channel promotes your brand identity better than anything, especially when using the latest Hollywood-style 3D CG effects!

Creative Ideas

Our experts will ensure that you get the best facilities for your channel using unique full 3D CG. Using real-time 3D CG enhances your channel's image at the same cost as traditional 2D content.

Advanced Support

Having full control of the service's technology, we will always be able to help you when you need it most. You'll also have complete control of the service through our or your own servers.

Professional Design

Our digital TV experts can bring together what you need, when you need it, and fast because we don't rely on third-party software.

Live data feed

Feed your channel the data it needs in real-time, whenever and wherever you need. From business information, pricing to transport schedules.

24x7 Reliability

Our service provides full back-up and reporting, including SMS messaging, so you know your channel is always up and running.


Succesful installations


Business TV Channels




Fast Support

About us

We provide a complete range of business TV services using the most modern CG and server technologies developed in house, providing advanced facilities and 24x7 reliability at competitive cost.

Users obtain an automated and scheduled TV channel with instant updating, using full 3D CG to enhance the imagery and add the ability to show products and information in 3D.

Uniquely, our TV channels are compatible with all displays, including holographic and glasses-free 3D screens (autostereoscopic).

Our team is composed of leading experts in their fields with years of experience in some of the most well know companies.

Comprehensive Digital TV infrastructure


Advanced 3D CG set-top-boxes


Content creation and scheduling


Operational and advertising reporting


Our Portfolio

Viva3D TV is part of the ViewPoint group that has been providing technical products and services for over 3 decades, from complex systems for aerospace and airports, industry, oceanographic survey and retail clients. With over 3,700 systems installed globally for some of the largest clients, Viva has the experience you can depend upon.

Here is a short-listed selection of projects.

Instore TV

Hardware, software & consulting

Money Exhange TV

Custom Design, 3D effects

Hotel & Conference TV

Custom Design, Database & 3D effects

Fast food chain

Hardware, Software & Content

Easy Hotels Flight Channel - Video

Hardware, Software & Content

Italian Airport Flight Data TV

Hardware, software & consultancy

Flight Information System

Hardware, software, consulting

Hilton Hotels

Hardware, software, consulting

BAA Airports

British Airport Authority (BAA) appointed our group to provide ePC display controllers and software to control the public and staff flight displays at all UK airports, including Heathrow, Gatwick and Stanstead.

Castorama DIY stores

We were appointed to provide ePC display controllers and software to control the instore TV for a major new DIY centre.

Hilton Hotels

We were contracted to provide ePC display controllers, displays, custom content, database and software to control the instore TV for a major hotel and conference centre.

Italian Airport Authority

We were contracted to provide ePC display controllers, displays, custom content, database and software to control the public and staff flight and baggage information displays, in total, at over 230 locations.

The Team

Experienced and enthusiastic about technology and service, Viva's team aim to deliver a quality service to our clients built on trust and commitment.

Rob Colclough

CEO/CTO & Founder

With a background in international display technology projects, for BAA, BAE, Philips, Intel and many others, Rob is also a fellow of the British Royal Society.

Peter Reeves

Marketing Manager

Experienced with technology sector sales for household names, Peter has a keen interest in digital television and A.I. driven computer graphics.

Jill West

Financial Manager

With over 10 years experience with Ernst & Young, Jill has been involved with clients in both the US and UK, especially those in the technology sector.

Maria Jacobs

Customer Support Manager

Having worked with Microsoft support for nearly a decade, Maria has wide experience supporting customers in the use of technology-based services.


We're fascinated by visualization technology for how it enriches our ability to communicate instantly.

The concept behind is a fast and light-weight unified 3D CG system, which enables instant in-scene content updating, presentation of complex interactive content, and direct compatibility with all display technology, including holographic and 3D glasses-free displays (autostereoscopic).

Viva3D channel controllers can also superimpose (mix) CG content over existing TV channel feed.

Lets look at some of the latest features our service is offering in more detail.

Viva3D TV's unique unified 3D pipeline

June 26, 2019 in 3D CG

Computer Graphics (CG) technology has changed dramatically over the last few years. The unbiquitous GPU chip is now prevalent in nearly all phones, tablets and laptops, yet software has lagged far behind. The enormous cost of developing new applications, or converting vast code bases to use these new chips has hindered progress. So Viva3D took the leap, investing over 9 years in developing a tight and fast 3D engine and user interface to allow 3D CG driven TV in real-time.

Power in your fist - the ePC

July 16, 2019 in 3D CG

Viva's 3D ePC fits in your hand, yet it easily creates business TV channels with unique 3D CG content in full 4K. Having a palm-sized channel controller that costs less than a tablet makes large scale installations much more affordable. The integrated GPU handles tasks that would burden many desktop PCs. Viva's business TV services combines your content in a full 3D CG environment to maximes presentation impact. It uniquely allows instant updating of any element, including the content within 3D scenes.

Artificial Inteligence drives content creation

October 30, 2019 in A.I.

The future is smart, the future is A.I. By coupling A.I. deep learning to our cloud-based servers, your TV channel can automatically create fresh content everyday that will keep your customers' attention. Mix your content with the latest news, gossip and weather, presented with appealing 3D animations, and your clients will remain enthrawled. Viva TV is global market ready, supporting all languages and complex scripts in both 2D and full 3D. Whatever language your clients speak, Viva TV will deliver your message.


Please contact our nearest office for information on the full range of products and services.

Pricing Table

Viva3D TV is a service offering packages to suit most needs. For specialized requirements please contact us.

From just 1 Dollar a Day, you can have your own branded 3D CG TV channel!


  • Free Setup
  • 5GB Cloud Storage
  • 20GB Bandwith
  • 10 Pages with 3D effects
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  • Free Setup
  • 10GB Cloud Storage
  • 40GB Bandwith
  • 15 Pages with 3D effects
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  • Free Setup
  • 50GB Storage
  • 200GB Bandwith
  • 50 Pages, 3D effects + Business Data Channel
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ePC 3D TV channel controller

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